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Welcome to Royalty Free Planet
I'm a Video Editor who used to spend countless hours searching for free, good-quality music to use in video projects. In 2015, I created a YouTube channel so I could collect and grow a library of my favorite royalty free music - thus Royalty Free Planet was born!
The YouTube channel grew in popularity over the years so I decided to make this website as another avenue to help content creators find great music.
You may use any of the songs found on Royalty Free Planet in your multimedia projects (videos, streams, games, vlogs, podcasts, etc) without worrying about copyright strikes. The talented artists featured here have generously released their music under a Creative Commons license. This means you can use their music for free as long as you credit them. Give your project the impact it deserves while giving these artists the credit they deserve!
The focus here is quality over quantity. There is a vast amount of free music on the internet these days, but RFP highlights my favorites. I particularly enjoy synthwave so you will notice an emphasis on that genre here. Visit back often as I will continually add music as I find it.
I sincerely thank you for being here and hope this helps you find the music you've been looking for!
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