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Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I download music tracks?
Each video description includes a song download link. Click on the title under the video player to bring up the description. You can also click the YouTube logo in the video player - this will take you to that song on the RFP YouTube channel where you can scroll down and find the download link!
Do I have to subscribe to your YouTube channel to download a song?
No. We use a reputable download gate site called Hypeddit to host most of our music files, but you are not forced to subscribe to our channel to download. After you click the "Download" button, you'll see a prompt to "Subscribe to Royalty Free Planet". Simply click the "Skip" option below that to proceed to download without subscribing! We love your support, but wouldn't want to force you to subscribe if you don't want to.
How do I support the artists directly?
We include the artist's social media channels in each video description. If you really like an artist's work, please engage with them on their socials! Most artists featured here have a Bandcamp page where you can pay what you want for their albums, this is a great way to support the artist directly. Follow their accounts, like their content, stream and/or purchase their music to really show them some love!
How do I support Royalty Free Planet?
RFP is maintained by just one human (Hi, I'm Dave). Show your support by clicking the $ sign in the red column on the right side of the page to donate via PayPal. Also, feel free to Buy Me A Coffee:
Another way to support RFP is to check out this Amazon affiliate link which includes my personal favorite synthwave vinyl records. Anything purchased via this link provides me a small commission:
Any amount helps keep this planet spinning and is greatly appreciated! 💙
Can I use any song I find here in my video/stream/remix/etc... without worrying about copyright strikes?
Yes - just credit the artist! There is a Creative Commons license associated with each song which means you are free to use the song as long as you give credit the original artist in the description/credits of your work.
I can use this music in my commercial projects?
Yes! Use RFP tracks with complete peace of mind for any of your projects. Even though there are Non-Commercial Creative Commons licenses out there - RFP features ONLY music that is allowed for commercial use. This makes things much simpler, and that's really the goal here. 
I want to learn more about Creative Commons licensing, how do I investigate further?
Each video description includes a link to that song's appropriate Creative Commons license. Go there to find out the full license details right from the source!
What should I do if I get a copyright claim on YouTube? 

YouTube uses a system called Content ID to identify if your video uses copyrighted material. None of the tracks we feature are in this system. If you receive a claim, it is either a "false positive" (the software is wrong) or someone is stealing the artist's music and claiming it as their own.

How to resolve it:

  1. Dispute the claim.

  2. Check this option when Youtube asks you for a reason: "I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material"

  3. In the comments, paste a link to where you downloaded the track and say "The artist released this music under a Creative Commons license. I am using it correctly per the license terms."

Contact us with all the details about the claim: track title, composer, name, company, label that has registered the track. This way we can get involved if needed.

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